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TheeBlog-LocosPorJuana_Juanes So, the other day, while shopping at Target, I strolled through the electronics department and heard a familiar song on the display TVs that made me stop and go back to make sure it was the song I thought I knew. It wasn’t. It was a very, very, very close one. In fact, it even shared the same title, and what got me… the same look. Most of you know the work/logo I designed for my good friends Locos Por Juana, and the close tie and love I got for this killer band. So, when I realized that the song that I thought was theirs, was in fact, a new global single by a more ‘commercial’ artist like Juanes, I wanted to share my view on it, because I feel it somehow relates to what us Designers have to deal with often. Again, this is my take on it, and don’t hate me if you are a Juanes fan. I’m just saying…

To put things in perspective, Juanes is a global latin superstar. Known all over the world, with numerous sponsorship deals, record labels, and radio and TV exposure. He’s also won more than 20 Grammys throughout his career. He has opened many doors for other latin artists though hard work and his own style. Locos Por Juana is an independent Miami band, this means they produce and record all albums by themselves without a record label, that has tour the world a few times and that has earned two Grammy nominations.

“Se fue la luz” is a song Locos Por Juana released about a year ago, featuring a cool collaboration with another Grammy winner band called ChocQuibTown. Like all their work, the song is a combination of a wide variety of styles and rhythms. Check it out below:

“La Luz” is a recently released single by Juanes that I’ve already seen/heard playing in commercials, TV shows, radios, etc. The song is completely different and unlike any other Juanes work. And screw it, I’m going to say it, sounds a lot like some of Locos Por Juana’s songs.

But wait. It doesn’t end there. What made me chuckle and fueled my theory was the album art that accompanies this single. Again, unlike anything Juanes has produced, and even closer to the style and look Locos Por Juana.

Here’s a little visual comparison:

Locos Por Juana





I know many friends in the music industry and this is no news at all as it also happens in fields like design, advertising, tv, etc. So, what’s the difference? In my opinion, lots of money and connections. While some artists work on their unique style, and craft songs independently and for the love of music, other artists have the exposure, commercial value, power and money to build empires – not saying they don’t love music, I’m just saying that all that money and teams could be used in better ways. I’m not saying this is a total rip or that there’s some sort of infringement here, but I must admit I feel like the original song, album and visual work, had some very strong influence – I guess this is a ‘polite’ way of putting it.

Maybe I’m wrong. Or maybe I’m right. Again, this is my sole opinion and view on this topic. I have not talked to the involved parties and have no idea what’s the story behind this, but I’ve been victim of scams, infringements and cheap copies, so I know and understand the frustration stuff like this brings. And if you are a Juanes fan and hate me now, I still love you.

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  1. As a Colombian I’m a huge fan of Juanes… Don’t worry I don’t hate you…… I do think you should go to the bottom of this. I can’t imagine Juanes had plagiarized a song when he writes his own song….. I’ve never heard Locos pot Juana’s song so I don’t know how similar they can be…. As you know a lot af people in the music industry, you GOT to make this whole thing clear.

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