Adobe Remix by The Made Shop

TheeBlog-MadeShop_Adobe You’ve probably noticed that many designers, artists and brands are embracing a different, more hands-on approach to their work and projects more and more – and this is great! And although I hate to use the word, this crafty ‘trend’ is based on skills, innovative methods of communicating a message, fresh ideas, and lots of manual labor and materials. What more can we ask for!? Adobe recently commissioned The Made Shop to re-imagine their logo, which gave them free range to get creative and tap on their architectural background. The result, a lovely collection of logos made out of pencils, water, flowers,gum, coffee, and sugar.

When Adobe asked us to re-imagine their logo, we were super excited. The Made Shop works primarily in graphic design, but our background comes from architecture and object design, and we enjoy blurring the distinctions between those fields and getting our hands dirty making physical objects for graphic projects whenever we can. Among the many tools we love and rely on in our shop on a daily basis — pencils, Photoshop CC, power tools, Illustrator CC, sketchbooks, After Effects CC, exacto knifes, InDesign CC, erasers — a good many of them have that Adobe logo on them — so we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it.











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