Live the Language. 50 Years.

TheeBlog-LivetheLanguage_50Years If you know me well, or if you’ve taken one of my classes, you know how important good Type is for me and what a sucker I am for anything that involves beautiful typography. EF launched a series of Type videos called ‘Live the language‘ a couple of years ago, and we enjoyed them (HERE and HERE). Yesterday, I received a message from Hedvig at EF, sharing their latest video… and it is as lovely as the previous ones. Although, it saddened me to see that after the 90s, Typography has not have a truly iconic look like previous decades. The Type drops at the 90s mark, and then all we get is a generic text bubble :(

EF celebrates 50 years with a new ‘Live the language‘ video directed by Gustav Johansson and with beautiful vintage typography by the extremely talented Albin Holmqvist.






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