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TheeBlog-NikePlane When it comes to combining Design and Technology, there are few companies who truly like to experiment, research and improve their fields. NIKE is definitely one of them. Their constant pursuit of better and improved experiences or products always delivers game-changing solutions. This is why, TEAGUE, leading design consultancy for aviation, partnered with NIKE to develop an athlete-focused airplane, catering not only comfort and privacy, but entertainment, and features like Recovery, Circulation, Sleep, and Concentration.



TEAGUE developed a customized airplane interior focused on the unique needs and challenges of traveling athletes. As the leading design consultancy for aviation, we understood from the beginning that a partnership with an expert in athletic performance was key to a successful project. The NIKE design team was a natural fit for collaboration and idea exchange. In order to better understand the needs of athletes, we conducted interviews with team physicians, coaches, operations staff, and sleep specialists working with both collegiate and professional teams. We also worked with designers and training experts from NIKE to ensure that our understanding of how to design for athletes was on track. What did we find? The need for this is real. Crowded game schedules and travel by flight is a fact of life for professional athletes, but it is one that comes at a price: injuries and suboptimal performance.”



Armed with these insights about the lives of professional and collegiate athletes, we focused our design efforts on four areas of performance innovation that are not addressed by commercial charters:

Recovery: equalizing the negative effects of air travel on the mind and body, and bringing the training room to 40,000 feet through in-flight biometrics and analysis to accelerate injury diagnosis and treatment.

Circulation: fostering natural mobility and building in equipment that ensures optimal circulation and promotes healing.

Sleep: designing ideal sleeping conditions for individuals and sleep strategies for entire teams to maximize physical readiness.

Thinking: creating spaces for key mental activities, especially film study—enabling in-transit film review both before and after games.






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