April, 2015

Apr 15

Phantom Flex 4K 1000fps = Ultra HD

Yes, yes, we’ve heard it before, the tools don’t make the pro. But, to be fair, having the right tools and knowing how to maximize their potential could be very helpful, and sexy. This video, shot with a Phantom Flex at 1000fps shows how much depth, detail and awesomeness you can capture and enjoy with Ultra HD. Enjoy!

Apr 15

9 Squares

TheeBlog_9Squares I am a sucker for collaboration projects, and this one, started by Al Boardman, Skip Dolphin Hursh and David Stanfield, is as hypnotizing and cool as it gets. 9 squares is a fun project where 9 different designer/animators collaborate, animating an abstract, 350px, 3 second animated square to make up a single GIF loop, from a 4-colour palette. I know, it may sound a little confusing, but the results are great!
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Apr 15

The Hoff is Back!

I know some of you might be too young to remember or understand the magic that is David Hasselhoff, so I’ll just say this, he’s kind of a big deal – In Germany mostly. So, if you’re launching a web-backed Kung Fu film and need a track, an 80s track, to make it pop, The Hoff is your man! Check out this amazing video and get a little taste of Kung Fury.

Apr 15

ANT-MAN Trailer

Let’s be honest. How many of you knew Ant-Man was a real Marvel super hero? I know… But, I am sure everyone will know and love Ant-Man after the movie drops this summer. I personally love the casting of Paul Rudd for the role and can’t wait to watch it. But you don’t want to read, you want to watch the trailer. Enjoy.

Apr 15

Celebrity Portraits by Randall Slavin


Many Hollywood celebrities like to partner up with brands, magazines or Photographers to create beautiful editorial, fashion or personal photo sessions. Randall Slavin is one of these few talented and creative Photographers celebrities like Eva Longoria or Charlize Theron like to work with. And after checking his portfolio, it is easy to understand why. His creative use of light and color, combined with the ability to create short stories and add personality and ‘that special something’ to each photo set him apart and define his style.
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Apr 15

A day with Jessica Hische

If you are a Type geek or a Designer, chances are you know who Jessica Hische is. For those of you not familiar with her work yet, this is a great way to meet her and discover her lovely work and impressive client roster including Starbucks, Target, Wes Anderson, The Wall Street Journal, MailChimp, and many more. Now that I’ve got you interested, get to know Jessica a little bit more thanks to this great video by the cool Like Knows Like folks.