May, 2015

May 15

Pressing On

Pressing On is a documentary examining the relevance of a physical process that is anything but modern. As the individuals who have kept letterpress alive are aging quickly, irreplaceable knowledge and techniques stand in danger of being lost forever. However, there is hope. A dedicated faction of young printers, designers, and hobbyists are on a quest to preserve this art. Pressing On explores the historic culture, the close community, and the remarkable craftsmen who are making letterpress thrive. Luckily, this project has been fully funded through Kickstarter which means we will get to enjoy it soon :) Well done, Internet!

May 15

Delta’s Safety Video

I’ve always been a fan of Virgin airlines and their cool safety videos (I believe they were one of the first ones that introduced a different approach). But this week, Delta released an new gem created by the brilliant folks at Wieden+Kennedy, featuring the Internet. Not really much to say… just enjoy it. Happy Friday!

May 15

Lovely type music video by Husbands

TheeBlog-Husbands_Dream Remember the days when networks like the old MTV or The BOX actually cared and played music videos? I mean, who didn’t get inspired by a Michael Jackson, or Biggie video? Well, that ain’t happening no more. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean recording and visual artists out there stopped caring. Cauboyz is a french design team who designed a lovely music video for Husbands’ “Dream”, featuring crafted neon type. Yup, it is as good as it sounds. Check out the music video and the behind the scenes after the jump!
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May 15

3D Drawing

Chances are, you’ve probably seen this video making its rounds on Facebook, but after a conversation with a friend today – who has not seen it yet – I decided to share it, because we all deserve to watch this impressive drawing. Only thing I can tell you is, this is no ordinary glass of water drawing. Enjoy!

May 15

No Country for Limes

There are certain artists and celebrities known for their Midas touch. Justin Timberlake is definitely one of them. Everything he touches… well, except Cameron Diaz and MySpace – but hey! He definitely owns May. His new venture Sauza 901 has been steadily growing and hitting mainstream media. And to help push the brand, he recently launched a new advertising campaign, featuring himself, as a lime. This is a great example of a good ad spot featuring a celebrity that knows how to use his image and humor. Consider it advertising inspiration – As I am sure there are many meetings going on now, talking about this video and how they could make “something similar, but better and funnier”

May 15

Conan + Kinetic Typography

I’ve always believed that there is something magical about Typography in motion. Kinetic typography, if you want to get technical. Being able to combine letters and movement is not an easy task, but when done right, the results are very well worth all those strenuous rendering hours. This lovely kinetic type video by Jacob Gilbreath features Conan O’Brien’s farewell speech during his last episode as host of The Tonight Show. Yes, the speech is great, but the type motion, inspired by Lou Dorfman’s iconic Gastrotypographicalassemblage, steals the show…