June, 2015

Jun 15

True Detective Season 2 Titles


You may remember my post about HBO’s True Detective titles last year, and how much we all loved them. Patrick Clair took double exposure to a great level, created something mysterious and hypnotizing. Well, season 2 of the show is here and he’s done it again. Using different tones and moods, but following the same style, True Detective’s lovely titles deserve recognition – because face it, a show intro titles can sometimes be as good as the episode itself. Enjoy the video after the jump!
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Jun 15


As a kid, I remember being terrified of volcanoes, and always thinking of how horrible an eruption would look like. Well, many years later, I am posting about how beautiful and impressive a volcano eruption looks – of course, when shot masterfully. Here’s a great intro by Martin Heck: Volcano Calbuco erupted on April 22, 2015, for the first time in four decades. While riding the ferry on Routa 7 down to Patagonia, we noticed a massive, almost nuclear looking cloud boiling upwards just were we left a few hours ago. Frenetically we rushed to the only non-forested place to get a decent view of the show. We quickly put every bit of camera-equipment we could find on the constantly growing mushroom-cloud. We shot timelapses in 8K and 4K with a Pentax 645Z and Canon 6D. On the A7s we shot 4K video to the Shogun. Enjoy!

Jun 15

Apple Music

For a couple of years now, Spotify has dominated the music streaming field. Yes, there’s Pandora, Beats, the rise of… wait, what happened to Tidal? and many more, but if you think mainstream and popularity, I think it’s safe to say Spotify leads the pack. Apple knew this, and as always, didn’t want to stay behind. And while Tidal was making noise, they were working quietly in a new service released yesterday during WWDC15. Apple Music.

Jun 15

Point Break. The remake.

You know the saying, there are some classic movies that you simply don’t touch. No matter how fun the idea of a remake might be… Point Break is one of those culture classics that defined a generation, made surfing even cooler and gave us those iconic and badass president masks. This remake, schedule to drop on Christmas, feels a little different than the original – they went from surfing to every extreme sport you can think of – but looks interesting enough to watch. Here’s a little preview…