Best Gambling Ads of All Time

Online gambling has come a long way. Many have managed to incorporate lots of features you’d expect to find in regular casinos all without ever having to leave your home. It can truly be an exhilarating experience without the hassle of going out. After conquering tasks like this though, you’d expect that appealing the masses wouldn’t be hard, eh? Well, unfortunately in advertising things don’t always go to plan. Marketing is a tricky business. Sometimes marketers get things very right. For example, check out how Lexus managed to have us all salivating over the new Lexus RC F.

In marketing casino brands, marketers have it rough. With so many restrictions on gambling it’s no surprise that sometimes things go a bit, well…wrong. Even though you’ll find in this site several new casinos online, you’ll find out it hard to come across one with a good advert to pull you in. Fortunately their cloud is our silver lining. Prepare to once again be amazed (and a bit baffled) at some of the best gambling ads to ever hit the screen. Some will leave you cringing, some will leave you sniggering and others will just leave you plain old baffled.

Ladbrokes: Hide and Seek

Until the last three seconds of the advert you may be wondering why a man is being chased by a giant lemur. To hide from the thrill. Embrace it say Ladbrokes. Surely they could’ve found someone to sky dive instead?

Ladbrokes: Shark bait

Ahh Ladbrokes you’ve done it again. Sticking with the thrill seekers theme- this time with shark diving- Ladbrokes appears as the lesser of two evils. Ladbrokes saves lives? Who knew?

Paddy Power:

Some say there is no such thing as a bad Paddy Power advert. Ball of Shame was a hub of controversial ads the public love to hate. I’m not sure who came up with the tazing premise and I’m not sure whether to applaud them.

Paddy Power:

Honestly, who hasn’t wanted to tranquilize a chav? Paddy Power. You can love them. You can hate them but you can never forget them.

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