Sneakerheadz. The Documentary.

TheeBlog_Sneakerheadz You know that saying “You can always judge a man by his shoes”? Well, it is true. Shoes have the power to represent who we are or how we feel. And although that saying was probably meant for men rocking brogues or double monk-straps, now you can tell a lot about people by their sneakers. You can say I am a humble collector based on the pairs of NIKE sneakers I own, and yes, I admit I’ve gone out of my way and perhaps spent good money on special sneakers, but I’m not even close to the level of dedication and serious money sneakerheads are willing to invest. What once sounded “crazy” is now a lifestyle. A very lucrative and passionate lifestyle…

Sneakerheadz from Gravitas Ventures on Vimeo.

To Rock or Stock? Sneakerheads will do almost anything to get their hands on a unique pair of kicks, going to such extreme lengths as hiding in trash cans to score a pair of Retro Jordan 11s to camping for days in sub zero temperatures for the latest Nike Foamposites. How did sneakers become as prized as collectable art? From the shores of Cali to the congested streets of Tokyo, Sneakerheadz examines the cultural influence of sneaker collecting around the world and delves into a subculture whose proud members don’t just want to admire art, they want to wear it.



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