April, 2016

Apr 16

Illustrating New York City’s Subway Stations

To put it lightly, Philip Ashforth Coppola loves New York City’s subway stations. For the past 38 years, the New Jersey-based illustrator has been exploring the Big Apple’s underground stations and sketching its mosaics in amazing detail with just a ballpoint pen. In 1984, Copp published his first volume of subway drawings, “Silver Connections.” He continues to document the city’s underground, but doesn’t expect to finish until 2040. Keep at it Phil!

Apr 16

Pepsi 1893

TheeBlog_Pepsi1893 Pepsi has suffered a couple of fails over the years. Remember when they burned Michael Jackson’s hair? Their ridiculous rebrand? Or their recent fiasco during their Back to the Future bottle release? Yet, their latest attempt at being cool might be a little too much, even for them. Pepsi has announced their new artisanal cola (yes, I had to check to make sure it was not an Onion or SNL joke) in order to market to… you guessed it. Millennials! – Yup, that damn term again :/ Check out the photos and video after the jump…
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Apr 16

Kobe. The Conductor.

Yes. It is a sad day in sports. The second greatest basketball player (yes, because Michael is still number one) retires tonight. And in order to celebrate’s the Black Mamba’s last game, NIKE launched an ad spot featuring the love/hate relationship Kobe had with pretty much every fan out there. Depending on who you ask, Kobe Bryant was basketball’s greatest hero or its greatest villain. As he walks off the court for the last time, opponents and fans tell him how they really feel… THANK YOU KOBE!

Apr 16

Masters of Air, Vol. 1

If you consider yourself a sneakerhead, or into sneakers, this is a film that you have to add to your must watch list… For these collectors, Air Max is a way of life, an obsession, a form of self expression. Some have amassed thousands of Air Max, while others possess some of the rarest collaborations ever released. No matter what their collections look like, they all have one thing in common: a deep passion for Visible Air.