Pepsi 1893

TheeBlog_Pepsi1893 Pepsi has suffered a couple of fails over the years. Remember when they burned Michael Jackson’s hair? Their ridiculous rebrand? Or their recent fiasco during their Back to the Future bottle release? Yet, their latest attempt at being cool might be a little too much, even for them. Pepsi has announced their new artisanal cola (yes, I had to check to make sure it was not an Onion or SNL joke) in order to market to… you guessed it. Millennials! – Yup, that damn term again :/ Check out the photos and video after the jump…

1893, from the makers of Pepsi-Cola, is rewriting the history of refreshment with a bold combination of kola nuts, real sugar, and sparkling water to deliver a totally unexpected cola experience. Really???



And just in case you’re not annoyed by this new hipster cola yet, here’s the perfect video to close the deal…

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