September, 2016

Sep 16

Photography: History of New York


New York City’s Department of Records recently launched the Municipal Archives Online Gallery. A gallery composed of almost a million digitized photographs taken mostly by anonymous photographers and municipal workers dating back to the mid-1800s. This collection covers New York City’s history thoroughly from its architecture and people to its infamous depression and organized crime era. Enjoy!
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Sep 16

Ugo Gattoni + Mcbess

Sweetbread is the result of a week of artistic residency with Ugo Gattoni and Mcbess at the URDLA print shop, located in Villeurbanne. For seven days, the two artist friends ate together, drew together, cooked together, laughed together, and created this stone lithography entitled Sweetbread. This residency was the occasion for Ugo Gattoni and Mcbess to immerse themselves and experience one of the major themes of their illustrations – food. Thanks to Ben for the tip!

Sep 16

Emirates’ $21K First Class Experience

To be honest, I find Casey Neistat very annoying. But that’s not the point here (I watched the video on mute in case you are not very fond of the dude either). He recently scored a first class upgrade worth $21K and filmed the experienced. I know some of us have traveled business or first class and think it is pretty cool, but this… this is beyond cool. Check out the video and start saving for your next trip ;)

Sep 16

The Making of Movie Titles

By now, I am sure you’ve witnessed the coverage and hype around the titles for Stranger Things. Movie Titles have always played a significant role in films, depicting the genre, mood and sometimes quality of the product. In this great mini-documentary, title designer Dan Perri explains how he designed movie titles for films such as “Star Wars,” “The Exorcist,” and “Raging Bull.” Enjoy!