October, 2016

Oct 16

The Grand Tour is coming!

If you’ve been missing Top Gear as much as I have, this trailer will make your day. Finally! Few months after the end of Top Gear (because the show honestly died the day Clarkson, Hammond and May left) comes The Grand Tour. The trailer gives you a glimpse of what’s to come and luckily, it looks just like the Top Gear we all loved. Can’t wait for this one!

Oct 16

Barth’s 36 Days of Type

Jordan Coelho, a freelance Graphic and Motion designer residing in France decided to join the 36 Days of Type challenge and animate 36 different explorations for each letter (and numbers) in the alphabet. If you enjoy Type and Motion Graphics, then you’re going to love this series.

Oct 16

In case you want to update your desktop…

TheeBlog_GBTWwallpaper If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw my recent post and are here to get your goodies. If you don’t, well, you can still get them :) So, last Friday I was playing with an acrylic marker and decided to test some lettering after a very long time. Then I realized “why not turn these letters into something I can always carry with me?” so I made a digital version that can be shared. So, if you want it, you can DOWNLOAD IT HERE!
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