Behind the Stranger Things Title

if you, like many others, are hooked on Netflix’s Stranger Things, you’ll agree with me that besides the show’s great storyline and superb production, its 80s themed opening titles are refreshingly engaging thanks to the perfect combination of nostalgia – think Stephen King, Spielberg, John Carpenter, John Hughes, and a powerful, eerie synthesized track. If you’ve ever wondered who worked on the design or how it came to be, here’s a brief look into the process behind this beauty.

Here’s a little information on the creation of the title lockup and the process behind it shared by Jacob Boghosian, Art Director on this project…

Before Stranger Things came out, we were tasked to develop a motion key art for the show. Dozens of ideas were generated and we were asked to create a logo to help bring those ideas to life under one visual identity. We started off by referencing many of Stephen King’s book covers along with movie posters from the 80’s.


Over 20 logos options were created but the logo using the ITC Benguiat font, stood out as the favorite by far. We modified the font by adjusting the contours of the typeface to give it a unique and harmonized lock up.








Once this lovely lockup was created and stylized, the great folks at Imaginary Forces took it to the next level by combining great type, the proper amount of nostalgia, a slow-paced 80s style motion filter and the perfect synthesized track – courtesy of S U R V I V E, resulting in one of the year’s most iconic opening titles.


Agency: Contend
Nate Sherman – Associate Creative Director
Jacob Boghosian – Art Director + Design

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