April, 2017

Apr 17

New Premier League Typeface

TheeBlog_PremierLeagueTypeface Last year, the English Premier League updated its branding, shaving off a couple of years by switching to more vibrant, younger colors and by proving once again, that ‘flat’ design, when used right, can be a thing of beauty. However, there was one thing that remained intact – the iconic typeface and its lovely numbers. Until now. From the start of next season Premier League clubs will wear shirts adorned with an updated set of names and numbers which align with the Premier League’s visual identity and includes the new logo introduced from this season.
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Apr 17

Optical illusions by Howard Lee

Howard Lee is a British multidisciplinary artist known for his hyper-realistic drawings. Illusion, trickery and playful deception are the hallmarks of Lee’s hyperrealist drawing videos. Mixing an impressive array of media from Copic Marker through to Prismacolor Pencil and artist’s acrylic paint, Howard Lee presents a re-interpretation of reality that asks you to question the validity of the online world. Too bad the video quality is not up to par to the impressive work.