New Premier League Typeface

TheeBlog_PremierLeagueTypeface Last year, the English Premier League updated its branding, shaving off a couple of years by switching to more vibrant, younger colors and by proving once again, that ‘flat’ design, when used right, can be a thing of beauty. However, there was one thing that remained intact – the iconic typeface and its lovely numbers. Until now. From the start of next season Premier League clubs will wear shirts adorned with an updated set of names and numbers which align with the Premier League’s visual identity and includes the new logo introduced from this season.

In a first change for 10 years to the names and numbers used in the Premier League, there will be five approved colourways: white with black details and black, navy, red, and yellow; all with white details.



As part of the process the Premier League surveyed more than 1,500 fans on six proposed designs and enlisted the help of Premier League commentator Peter Drury to test the visibility of the new design during live testing at Watford FC.



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