Welcome to my blog… yeah, finally!. Chances are you’re here because you already know me, but in case you don’t, my name is Diego Guevara , a Miami based Art/Creative Director, Designer, Photographer, Thinker, Problem Solver, Money Maker, Panty Dropper, Bollywood Stunt Driver, Shark Trainer, Underwear Model, Norwegian Pop Star and Part Time Swiss Hedge Funds Specialist.

My goal is to share an eclectic collection of inspirational work including graphic design, packaging, web, photography, advertising, multimedia, typography, fashion, music, news and a few LOLs & WTFs?

So, sit back, look around, have fun and get inspired! Oh, and tell your friends… ;)



UPDATE. Thanks to your invaluable support, THEE BLOG has grown, evolved, and -I would like to think- improved beyond any goals or expectations. There are a few surprises and changes coming soon, including new categories, more interviews, partnerships and features/articles/contributions from experts and team members. Yes, we are a team now!

Stay tuned for more information…