Nov 17


With Christmas coming, I can’t wait to get my FIFA18 game (actually, it is “my son’s”). And if you haven’t added it to your list yet, do yourself a favor and go get it! In case you need help deciding whether you should get it or not, or simply to get you pumped, here’s FIFA’s latest beautiful ad spot featuring Cristiano Ronaldo, Antoine Griezmann, Roberto Carlos and El Tornado!

Mar 17

Air Max Reinvented

This one is a little old, but since it is Air Max Month, I decided it was a good idea to bring it back. Doubleday and Cartwright was commissioned to create an illustrated genealogy and cultural impact survey of Nike Air Max, from designer Tinker Hatfield’s discovery of visible air to Air Reinvented, a collection of four classic styles revamped with Nike’s latest material innovations. Through fun and fantastical key art, supporting illustrations and copy, D&C unlocked the hidden histories behind these collection favorites—The Air Max 1, a design conceived at Paris’s Centre Pompidou that ignited Nike’s most critical footwear advent; The infrared-accented Air Max 90, a veritable staple of the early Acid House scene; The anatomically-inspired curves of the Air Max 95; The Air Max 97’s metallic ellipses, perennially secured to the feet of creatives, club-goers and style connoisseurs alike.

Jan 17

Behind the Stranger Things Title

if you, like many others, are hooked on Netflix’s Stranger Things, you’ll agree with me that besides the show’s great storyline and superb production, its 80s themed opening titles are refreshingly engaging thanks to the perfect combination of nostalgia – think Stephen King, Spielberg, John Carpenter, John Hughes, and a powerful, eerie synthesized track. If you’ve ever wondered who worked on the design or how it came to be, here’s a brief look into the process behind this beauty.
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Dec 16

Burton x South Park

TheeBlog_Burton-SouthPark Well, winter is here and if you are shopping online or looking for winter essentials you may want to check out this new Burton x South Park collaboration. The collection features beanies, socks, T-shirts, and snowboards based on the show’s characters including Kyle, Cartman, Kenny and Stan. Check the entire collection at BURTON
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Dec 16

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is a black and white stop motion short crafted by filmmaker Simon Scheiber over the course of 7 years and made up of over 14,000 photographs! A lighthouse keeper’s surprising discovery pulls him out of his monotonous, daily routine and takes him onto a journey into uncharted territory. Yes, I know… 7 years!

Nov 16


During the summer of 2016, the folks at Parallel Studio created and directed a video about unsatisfying situations: the frustrating, annoying, disappointing little things of everyday life, that are so painful to live or even to watch. If you haven’t seen this yet, I encourage you to watch it as I am sure you’ve also experienced at least one of these situations lately…

Oct 16

Barth’s 36 Days of Type

Jordan Coelho, a freelance Graphic and Motion designer residing in France decided to join the 36 Days of Type challenge and animate 36 different explorations for each letter (and numbers) in the alphabet. If you enjoy Type and Motion Graphics, then you’re going to love this series.

Jul 16

ESPN Euro Cup 2016 by Imaginary Forces

As we approach this year’s Euro Cup Final, I wanted to share the lovely title sequences the talented folks at Imaginary Forces created for ESPN. With a lovely ‘paint’ interpretation of each country’s national flag and paying homage to classical sculpture and the patina of old soccer trophies, the opening roars through the ‘field’ of Europe, setting up the 2016 Euro Cup package to push the limits of what a major sporting event identity can be. Check out the behind the scenes video after the jump to see how this intro came to life!
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Jun 16

Semi-Permanent Sydney 2015 Titles

Semi Permanent is well known for its great events around the world, inspiring speakers and captivating titles which seem to get better year after year. Title designer Raoul Marks’ extraordinary opener for Semi-Permanent Sydney 2015 visualizes the challenges that any creator faces when trying to do what they do: create. The sequence, which is essentially a short film, wears its influences proudly on its Ortho-Fabric sleeve — from the isolating paintings of artist Jeremy Geddes and the otherworldly imagery of Kubrick and Scott, to the Neo Tokyoite architecture of Katsuhiro Otomo and even Space Race-era issues of LIFE Magazine.

Mar 16

Simplicity + Motion

Sometimes, simplicity is the key to many projects and questions in life. Being able to strip down your work and play with the bare minimum is the perfect way to exercise your creativity and push yourself to build your work from the core > out, not the other way around. This lovely animated video by Jordan Coelho, featuring simple shapes is a perfect example of how you can create beautiful things, using only basics

Jan 16

Space Odity

This is an oldie, but I felt today was a perfect day to not only share this lovely work, but to also celebrate the life and music of one of music’s biggest icons, David Bowie… Canadian Illustrator Andrew Kolb created a beautiful self-promotion book inspired and based on the lyrics of David Bowie’s classic ‘Space Oddity’ and posted it online, for the world to enjoy and share. Take a look and enjoy one of the thousand pieces of work David Bowie inspired during his lifetime.
Rest in Peace :(
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Jan 16

HOLORAMA: An Optical Theatre

File this under WOW! Inspired by the great tradition of optical theatres, Holorama brings several iconic scenes from the history of cinema back to life. From Twin Peaks to The Big Lebowski, Holorama gives these famous scenes a third dimension using a simple holographic process based on a semi-transparent screen, mixing the image of an extremely faithfully built model with the characters extracted from the original scene. A new perspective and a tribute to cinema, accessible to all.

Nov 15

Le Petit Chef

I love to see how projection has grown and expanded to different mediums and different methods. The range keeps increasing, and that is a good and fun thing. Le Petit Chef is a cool project by SkullMaping scaled down to be featured on a table and narrate a story by combining 3D animation and motion capture. Bon appétit!

Nov 15

Infinity Room

Infinity’ is an immersive environment project by Refik Anadol. Project is an integral part of artist’s ongoing ‘Temporary Immersive Environment Experiments’ which is a research on audio/visual installations by using the state called immersion which is the state of consciousness where an immersant’s awareness of physical self is transformed by being surrounded in an engrossing environment; often artificial, creating a perception of presence in a non-physical world.

Oct 15

Back to the Real Future

Because you already know I am a big Back to the Future geek and because October 21 is approaching, here’s another BTTF post :) The guys at College Humor released an animated version of the film with a small twist – replacing the cool and advanced future we saw in the movie, with a more accurate version of what really happens in 2015. Enjoy!

Sep 15

Hell’s Club

There is a place where all fictional characters meet. . Outside of time, Outside of all logic, This place is known as HELL’S CLUB, But this club is not safe. This club features appearances – and fights between Terminator Vs Tony Montana vs Tom Cruise vs Carlito Brigante vs Blade vs John Travolta vs Al Pacino vs Pinhead vs The Mask vs Robocop vs Dart Vader vs Michael Jackson vs… yup, this is one of the coolest mashups you’ll ever see. Enjoy!

Aug 15

The Exquisite Corpse Project 2

The Exquisite Corpse Project 2 is a motion graphics piece directed by Michael Waldron and created by a group of artists from around the world. It debuted at this years Motion Conference in Santa Fe. The idea was to create a piece of art that you share with another artist. That artist has to figure out how to seamlessly transition into their piece and then they hand off their work to another artist. This repeats until the final animation is complete.

Jul 15

Hypnotic Gifs by Florian de Looij

There’s something special about animated GIFs, specially when they’re as intricate and hypnotic as these, created by Netherlands based Designer Florian de Looij. I personally, was never a big fan of Geometry - who is? but it is good to know that geometry, shapes, curves and lines can be used for a good and valuable purpose instead of booooring construction, engineering, etc. I know, I know… :)
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Jun 15

True Detective Season 2 Titles


You may remember my post about HBO’s True Detective titles last year, and how much we all loved them. Patrick Clair took double exposure to a great level, created something mysterious and hypnotizing. Well, season 2 of the show is here and he’s done it again. Using different tones and moods, but following the same style, True Detective’s lovely titles deserve recognition – because face it, a show intro titles can sometimes be as good as the episode itself. Enjoy the video after the jump!
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May 15

Lovely type music video by Husbands

TheeBlog-Husbands_Dream Remember the days when networks like the old MTV or The BOX actually cared and played music videos? I mean, who didn’t get inspired by a Michael Jackson, or Biggie video? Well, that ain’t happening no more. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean recording and visual artists out there stopped caring. Cauboyz is a french design team who designed a lovely music video for Husbands’ “Dream”, featuring crafted neon type. Yup, it is as good as it sounds. Check out the music video and the behind the scenes after the jump!
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May 15

Conan + Kinetic Typography

I’ve always believed that there is something magical about Typography in motion. Kinetic typography, if you want to get technical. Being able to combine letters and movement is not an easy task, but when done right, the results are very well worth all those strenuous rendering hours. This lovely kinetic type video by Jacob Gilbreath features Conan O’Brien’s farewell speech during his last episode as host of The Tonight Show. Yes, the speech is great, but the type motion, inspired by Lou Dorfman’s iconic Gastrotypographicalassemblage, steals the show…

Apr 15

9 Squares

TheeBlog_9Squares I am a sucker for collaboration projects, and this one, started by Al Boardman, Skip Dolphin Hursh and David Stanfield, is as hypnotizing and cool as it gets. 9 squares is a fun project where 9 different designer/animators collaborate, animating an abstract, 350px, 3 second animated square to make up a single GIF loop, from a 4-colour palette. I know, it may sound a little confusing, but the results are great!
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