Jun 17

Apple’s APPocalypse

A lot of people always ask me why I don’t like/trust The Cloud. And the answer is simple. Because I don’t. And after watching this great new ad by Apple, I realized I am not wrong – we shouldn’t really depend on the cloud or apps all the time right? Yes, I know I’m typing this as I am using a WP app, and uploading stuff to the cloud… But you get the point…

Sep 14

The September Event

TheeBlog-Apple_SeptemberEvent September is an iconic and important month for many people. For some, there’s Fashion Week, but for tech geeks and pretty much everyone who’s ready to splurge on the coolest and newest gadgets, there’s Apple’s September Event. As you probably know by now, Apple made a couple of big announcements yesterday including the release of new iPhones (6 and 6 Plus), and the introduction of Apple Watch. So, instead of listing details, going into specifics or writing lengthy reviews, I compiled a few videos that feature these new products and that will give you an overall idea of what to expect. Happy buying!
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Mar 14

Finger Painting Morgan Freeman

Although I’ve never tried it, I’ve always seen people drawing and painting on their iPad, specially at airports or during flights. One thing I had never seen, extremely photorealistic paintings like this crazy Morgan Freeman portrait by iPad artist (can we use that term?) Kyle Lambert. Using only a finger, an iPad Air and the app Procreate, Lambert paints a detailed portrait of Morgan Freeman so good that -let’s be honest- you might actually question its veracity. Only thing that could possibly make this video cooler? A step-by-step narration by Morgan Freeman!

Feb 14

Happy 30th Apple

Yes, I know I’m a little late to the celebration and messages, but this great video, shot entirely on a iPhones, pretty much sums up Apple’s presence and importance in our everyday life. And this is something we all should celebrate – yes, even you Apple haters. Here’s to many, many more, Apple. Thank you for changing the world.

Aug 13


TheeBlog-SteveJobsFilm As many of you might know by now, the Steve Jobs biopic, featuring Ashton Kutcher as Jobs, is scheduled to hit theaters this month (August 16th) and although the hype – or feedback- has not been that great, I am sure most of us will be there. I know I will. Whether Kutcher can pull this one of has generated mixed feelings, but I guess we’ll have to wait for the movie release for a verdict. For now, here’s the official movie trailer and some photos to get you in the mood. Happy Friday!
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Jun 13

Let’s talk Apple and iOS7

TheeBlog-Apple_ios7 So, by now, I am pretty sure you are aware of Apple’s latest releases and announcements. Yes, reactions to these have been… let’s say eclectic – or colorful (seems a little more appropriate). Today I want to briefly talk about the re-design of iOS7. One, because I know you guys are probably also struggling with this issue and two, because I needed to rant. I’ve been a loyal Apple supporter for years and was curious to see if the rumors about Ive’s new flat experience were true, I mean, as a Designer, this was something I was looking forward to. But what I saw at WWDC simply didn’t feel right… (and I am being gentle)
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Nov 12

The famous Steve Jobs’ yacht

TheeBlog-SteveJobsYacht We all remember Steve Jobs as a humble and simple genius. Although he was one of the most powerful men in the Universe, he loved to stay below the radar and his iconic style – he practically trademarked the black turtle-neck+New Balance kicks look – was a constant reminder of it. But what very few people knew, until its announcement last year and its mention in his biography book, was that Jobs had been working closely with French designer Philippe Starck on a personal project he unfortunately never got to see finished. VENUS is Steve Jobs impressive yacht and it was unveiled last month in Holland. Forget all yachts and boats you’ve seen before, as this -like everything Jobs created- will raise the bar pretty high.
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Jun 12

Apple. The Early Years.

TheeBlog-AppleEarlyYears It is no secret that I am a loyal Apple fan. A quick glance at my studio and equipment could sure back up this statement. So, what could make this brand even more interesting? How about some beautiful vintage Photography from its early years featuring what happened behind closed doors. The meetings, offices and fun that we rarely get to see. These photographs were taken by Bill Gallery at Apple between 1989 and 1995 over the course of a variety of projects for several annual reports, Apple corporate culture pieces and customer stories. Gallery is a talented Photographer whose work for Apple, Herman Miller and Morgan Stanley has been widely recognized and published. Check out these interesting photos after the jump!
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Oct 11

Long live the King.

It’s a sad, sad, SAD day. THANK YOU for everything Steve! RIP.