Jan 17

The Untold Truth Of Rogue One

As the first true standalone story in the Star Wars saga, there was a whole lot riding on Rogue One. But the story surrounding the film is almost as interesting as the one we watched on the big screen. From axed cameos to the film’s humble beginnings, there’s a whole lot more to Rogue One than just Jyn’s quest to snag the Death Star plans…

Jun 12

Much Better Now

TheeBlog-MuchBetterNow Someone asked me the other day what I liked most about new or trendy film techniques such as stop-motion, time lapsing, etc. and I realized one of the facts I most enjoy about these techniques is the inspiration they provide and challenges they pose for directors and artists out there to create bigger and better things! Much Better Now is great example of this. It is a fun and beautifully produced story by Salon Alpin about a forgotten bookmark whose imagination turns an ordinary book into an exciting and challenging ocean full of waves waiting to be conquered, opening the door to a new and exciting world, full new adventures. Watch this lovely video plus a bonus ‘making of’ feature after the jump!
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Apr 12

Behind the Scenes: NYC Photo Shoot

TheeBlog-NYPhotoShoot It’s been a while since I posted some of my own work so I decided to share one of my latest fun assignments combining Art Direction, Photography, Fashion and of course, beautiful NYC. The project: a campaign photo shoot for a New York hotel. On this job, I had the pleasure of working with an amazing team of talented professionals including my dear friend and great Photographer Pablo Garcia, Makeup and Hair master Kristen Arnett, the beautiful Ashley Sherrill and my good buddy Lee Dahlberg. These are some of my personal photos and behind the scenes views which hopefully show all the details and hard work behind a shoot like this and a little bit more of what I do :)
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