Jun 17

The Defiant Ones

The Defiant Ones is a docu-series directed by Allen Hughes that follows the stories of Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre—one the son of a Brooklyn longshoreman, the other straight out of Compton. Featuring interviews with the men themselves and the artists they influenced, the four-part series tracks their improbable partnership and surprising leading roles in a chain of transformative events in contemporary culture.

May 17

Delroy Edwards for UNDEFEATED x Converse

UNDEFEATED and Converse have worked together to create a unique One Star. The benchmark silhouette features a hairy suede upper against a leather lining. A grosgrain heel stay holds a rubber printed UNDEFEATED logo. The sneaker is outfitted with a rubber outsole that boasts the timeless and sporty red and blue pinstripe as a nod to a classic era. In celebration of the collaboration, artist and Los Angeles native, Delroy Edwards, created a fractured, gritty and idiosyncratic short film that follows Delroy over the course of an evening. The film explores the timeless weirdness of LA and it scored to the sounds of Edwards.

Dec 16

Burton x South Park

TheeBlog_Burton-SouthPark Well, winter is here and if you are shopping online or looking for winter essentials you may want to check out this new Burton x South Park collaboration. The collection features beanies, socks, T-shirts, and snowboards based on the show’s characters including Kyle, Cartman, Kenny and Stan. Check the entire collection at BURTON
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Nov 16


TheeBlog_NikeKAWS Nike’s deep roots in New York City are represented in its latest campaign: New York Made. Made possible through partnership with the New York City Parks and Recreation Dept., Nike’s commitment to the city and its community is at heart of the program, which kicks-off through the opening of the New York Made: Stanton Street Courts by Kaws. Designed by Brooklyn-based, world-renowned artist Brian Donnelly, the court embodies Nike’s drive to elevate sport, culture and community through innovative collaborations.
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Sep 16

Ugo Gattoni + Mcbess

Sweetbread is the result of a week of artistic residency with Ugo Gattoni and Mcbess at the URDLA print shop, located in Villeurbanne. For seven days, the two artist friends ate together, drew together, cooked together, laughed together, and created this stone lithography entitled Sweetbread. This residency was the occasion for Ugo Gattoni and Mcbess to immerse themselves and experience one of the major themes of their illustrations – food. Thanks to Ben for the tip!

Aug 16

DMM Planets

TeamLab in collaboration with recenlty launched the world’s largest digital installation at the Odaiba Yume-Tairiku festival in Tokyo. The huge installation will invite participants of all ages to immerse themselves in the multi-room environments spanning around 3,000sqm and showcasing multiple digital works. Participants will be invited to explore inside interactive artworks —including the largest Crystal Universe ever shown.
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Jan 16

Raul Alejandro x Hallmark

TheeBlog-RaulAlejandro_Hallmark You may remember my homie Raul Alejandro from an interview back in 2014 (HERE), or you may recognize his work from your IG feed. I’ve always been a fan of Raul’s intricate and inspiring work, and his IG account is one I constantly share with students or type and lettering lovers. Today I am glad and proud to share Raul’s latest project/collaboration, with none other than Hallmark Signature cards. Each card in this new series features Raul’s lovely and signature lettering style, meaning that yes, these are definitely not your grandma’s cards! Check them out at the link below and buy one, or two :) Congrats again, brother!
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Dec 15

Stance x Star Wars

TheeBlog_Stance-StarWars Collaborations between brands have become a hot trend when it comes to fashion – or any type of goods. The mix of two great companies working together to produce limited edition or rare products is something collectors and fans find extremely hard to ignore or miss. Look at Jordan x Supreme for example! To celebrate the release of Star Wars’ newest film, Stance decided to partner up and create a limited edition set of really cool socks featuring the saga’s iconic characters. Being the sock geek I am, and considering Christmas is approaching, I had to share this as soon as I found it.
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Dec 15

Copa Basel 2015


If you are into art, sneakers, and soccer, you’re going to love this post! My cool friends at Kicks To The Pitch, in collaboration with a couple of sponsors including the MLS are hosting a great event this Sunday. The event, called Copa Basel combines art, soccer, sneakers, and a variety of cool things to do, drink and see. Unfortunately this year will be the first I miss Art Basel because I am out of town, but if you are in Miami, make sure you stop by! Thanks again for the invite Marcus and congrats on such a fun event!
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Sep 15

The Sailboat: A Mobile Pop-Up Shop

TheeBlog_OceandAndSea You know that ol’ saying, “Surround yourself with positive, passionate, creative and inspiring dreamers…” well, it may not be a famous adage, but it is a principle I live my life by. And speaking of dreams and passion, today I want to share a fun project my friends Brendan and Amanda have been working on, and that with your support through Kickstarter, can become a reality. Their dream is to build a landlocked-sailboat that serves as a pop-up shop in order to travel across the US sharing their inspiration through workshops and spreading the word about their lovely brand Ocean&Sea
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Aug 15

Bieber + Diplo + Skrillex

TheeBlog_WhereAreUNow Whether you are a Bieber, Diplo or Skrillex fan or not, you cannot deny the fact that you’ve danced at least once to their song, Where Are U Now – or maybe thought, damn, that’s not a bad track by Bieber… Well, it’s because it is not. All indifference for this shithead aside, the song is as complex as it is catchy. And this video/interview with the three collaborating artists shows how much work really goes into creating ‘just one song’. Check out the video HERE since The Times apparently does not like to share…

Aug 15

The Exquisite Corpse Project 2

The Exquisite Corpse Project 2 is a motion graphics piece directed by Michael Waldron and created by a group of artists from around the world. It debuted at this years Motion Conference in Santa Fe. The idea was to create a piece of art that you share with another artist. That artist has to figure out how to seamlessly transition into their piece and then they hand off their work to another artist. This repeats until the final animation is complete.

Apr 15

Celebrity Portraits by Randall Slavin


Many Hollywood celebrities like to partner up with brands, magazines or Photographers to create beautiful editorial, fashion or personal photo sessions. Randall Slavin is one of these few talented and creative Photographers celebrities like Eva Longoria or Charlize Theron like to work with. And after checking his portfolio, it is easy to understand why. His creative use of light and color, combined with the ability to create short stories and add personality and ‘that special something’ to each photo set him apart and define his style.
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Feb 15

FITC Tokyo 2015. Chaos & Control.

TheeBlog_FITCtokyo Branding a conference is always a tough task. But branding a creative conference is a monumental task. Not only because you’ll have thousands of designers analyzing and disecting each piece – for good or bad – but because the concept and execution bar has been set really, really high. FITC is one of the few conferences that constantly delivers beautiful concepts through collaborations with great artists around the world, and as usual, they have outdone themselves this year with the release of the new FITC Tokyo conference branding. But as if the beautiful design was not enough, the recently launched opening titles, created by a team of superstars including Ash Thorp, Andrew Hawryluk, Michael Rigley, Albert Omoss, Chris Bjerre, Alasdair Willson, Nicolas Girard, Franck Deron – Yup, talk about a badass dream team – is one that will make you feel warm inside, fall in love even more with type+animation, and make you want to book your trip to Tokyo. Motiongrapher interviewed these great artists about their experience and online collaboration, and here are some of my favorite excerpts.
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Dec 14

Pan Am Flies Again

TheeBlog-PanAm From its founding in the 1920s to its peak in the 1960s and 1970s, Pan Am set the status quo when it came to international travel. Everyone wanted to fly Pan Am, other airlines wanted to be Pan Am, and everyone wanted to work for Pan Am. Revered by the rich and famous, the traveling public, enthusiasts and employees alike, its legacy lives on to this day. And to celebrate it, Los Angeles based photographer Michael Kelley partnered with Anthony Toth, one of the world’s foremost experts on aviation history, to bring Pan Am back to life in 2014. This is the story of Pan Am Flight 120, from Los Angeles International to London Heathrow on a Boeing 747-200, Clipper Gem Of The Ocean – Specially dedicated to my brother, who is a pilot and whose love for aviation is beyond contagious :)
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Sep 14

Malkovich: Homage to photographic masters

TheeBlog_john-malkovich-portraits When it comes to Photography, there are many iconic images that many of us recognize, have studied or that have inspired many photographers and artists. So, what happens when you decide to recreate these iconic photos using a different muse? Photographer Sandro Miller invited his long time friend, A-Lister John Malkovich to recreate each pose and character for a series called “Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich: Homage to photographic masters.”. The series combines Miller’s lovely photography with Malkovich’s signature uniqueness, making it very interesting – and kinda eerie at the same time. Oh, and these were all done without Photoshop!
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Sep 14

Field Notes COLORS Fall 2014

The great folks at Coudal Partners recently launched a sweet promo video for my good friend and all-time Badass Aaron Draplin and his new collection of Field Notes. “The 24th COLORS release, introduces brand-new, limited-edition FIELD NOTES memo books for the fall of 2014. We generally take this chance to describe the papers, materials, and process in excruciating detail, but this time, we’ll let the film explain it all…” Gotta love the censoring…

Jun 14

MIA Sessions x Aaron Draplin

Today we’ll take a little break from World Cup related posts to enjoy a cool interview we recently had the pleasure of producing, featuring the one and only Aaron Draplin during his first ever visit to Miami. MIA Sessions is a local organization created to promote and support a creative community in Miami by generating inspiring content and organizing events (HERE). This interview is the first of many more to come, so please check it out and share it with your friends!

Apr 14

Amnesty Freedom Candles

TheeBlog_AmnestyCandles Globally admired artistic duo ‘coarse’ has partnered with Amnesty International to tackle torture, arms trade and sexual slavery with 30 limited edition “Freedom Candles” up for eBay auction April 19 – 27th. Each candle highlights a human rights injustice that unfortunately might be taking place around the world as we read this. These powerful candles serve as a reminder of these horrible injustices, yet also work as a beacon of hope that reveals once the candles melt.
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Dec 13

Typism Book Feature!

TheeBlog-TypismBook1 You all know very well how much I love letters, Type and Lettering, and how I am constantly learning new techniques, trying to incorporate it into my work, and sharing this beautiful craft and passion with my students. Now, remember I mentioned a type book I was invited to be part of, and that was in the works?… Well, my contributor copy finally arrived and I am BEYOND static, humbled, honored, and proud to show you this amazing book, and my featured work :) To be part of such a great international publication, and to share this honor – and pages – with über talented artists I admire and study so much like Andrei Robu, Mathew Tapia, Simon Ålander, James T. Edmondson, Sergey Shapiro, Michael Spitz, Dominique Falla, Joel Felix, Jomn Contino, John Passafiume, Ged Palmer, and so many more is definitely a career highlight! A huge thank you to Dominique Falla for inviting me to be part of this project and making my year. What a perfect way to end the year in a positive vibe, being featured in an amazing book and being able to show, and leave my kids a little published piece of my work that they can enjoy and maybe show their kids someday :)
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Dec 13

INSA + Wade – Animated Mural

Art Basel Miami is over. And this year, the amount of amazing artists and inspiring work around the city was one for the books. Among the numerous new murals that went up in Wynwood, there was one, an animated one, that got some love and attention. On the heels of a successful US sneaker launch, Dwyane Wade and Li-Ning unveiled a mural created by renown gif-fiti artist, INSA during Miami during Art Basel. The 20’ x 30’ mural is located in Wynwood and features the brand tagline “Make Your Own Way.” The piece was released as an animated gif. Check out some process photos and video…
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Nov 13

MIA Sessions

Those of you who know me well or that have come to know me through this blog know that I love what I do and that I am always trying to do my part to share inspiration and the beauty of creativity. I am a huge advocate of working on what you love, sharing / collaborating with others, and never settling or getting too comfortable. Unfortunately, when it comes to cultivating creativity or building a strong -and involved- creative community, Miami has fallen a bit short, which is terribly sad considering all the amazing jewels this city has to offer and the amount of amazingly creative people who live here. This is why, a couple of very good and talented friends and I decided to work together to change this scenario, to do our part. Today, I am stoked to introduce you to our new baby, a project we’ve been planning and working on for quite some time and that is finally ready to be shared and to help Miami be the place we all want it to be when it comes to inspiration and creativity. Meet MIA Sessions!
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Aug 13

Richard Phillips + Sasha Grey

TheeBlog-RichardPhillips_SashaGrey You might remember Sasha Grey from Entourage, where she played Vince Chase’s girlfriend. Or, you might know her from her ‘other’ work – I heard she is also an adult film star? But don’t get that excited yet. Although today’s post features Sasha, it does it in a different way. In a more badass way if you ask me. New York based Artist and Director Richard Phillips created a beautiful film for V Magazine combining Ms. Grey, stunning architecture (shot at Chemosphere House) and lovely tones. How could this not work? Check out the film after the jump…
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Jul 13

Peter Saville + Lacoste

Found this video last night and I am sure many of you who like Peter Saville, or fashion topics, will enjoy. Known for his iconic and legendary work across multiple fields, Saville was asked by Lacoste to design their Holiday Collector 80th Anniversary edition polos. The result? Saville designed 160 new ‘crocodile’ logos (80 men/80 women), all different, yet all effective and symbolic. This new anniversary collection will be available this Fall.

Jun 13

Jay-Z & Samsung

TheeBlog-JayZ_Samsung There is no doubt that Jay-Z is a business, man. His global reach has expanded way beyond music, and his (or his team’s) entrepreneurial skills, are nothing short of admirable. His image and empire has proven to be a gold mine for sponsors and corporations willing to partner up to milk his media value. And now, Jay-Z has partnered with Samsung to release an exclusive treat for Samsung Galaxy users, ahead of his new album Magna Carta Holy Grail official release date (July 4th). Samsung purchased 1 million copies of the album, and will offer Galaxy users the opportunity to download it 3 days before it hits stores. Check out the event teaser video, aired during game 5 of the finals between the Heat and Spurs, after the jump.
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