Aug 14

Brand New Conference 2014 – Armin Vit Q&A

TheeBlog_BrandNewConference2014QA In case you didn’t know yet, the fifth edition of Brand New Conference is going down September 25-26 in lovely Chicago. And as it is now tradition, I invited my bud Armin Vit to answer a couple of questions and give us a little preview of what to expect or what is going behind the scenes as most of us prepare our trips. We talked about why the conference moved to Chicago, the always great speaker roster, and the decision to make it a two-day event. Check it after the jump!
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Jul 14

The Bipolar Tee is Back!

TheeBlog-BipolarTeePart2 It’s been more than a year since the Bipolar Tee was released and shipped around the world :) And now, due to popular demand and to celebrate a mini-anniversary, the Bipolar Tee will be available again for a limited quantity/time! A few friends and readers have been asking me to reprint them (Thanks for the emails!) so this is your chance to grab one – because I don’t know if there will be another release. So, if you or someone you know wanted one of these shirts, ordering instructions can be found after the jump. Orders will close Friday, August 1st. Hurry!!
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Aug 13

Brand New Conference 2013 – Armin Vit Q&A

TheeBlog-BrandNewConference2013_interview The fourth edition of one of my favorite Design and Branding conferences (and you can quote me on that) is finally a couple of weeks away! Brand New Conference will take place in New York City this coming September 13th, and as always, it promises to be full of learning, inspiration, cool talented people and amazingness. And to keep the pre-conference Q&A tradition going strong, once again, I invited my friend Armin Vit, to answer a couple of questions and share some details about the planning,preparations and what to expect at this year’s conference. I am sure many of you are already booked and registered, but if you are not yet, do it! Trust me, it is that good.
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Jul 13

Honest Prime Tee

TheeBlog-HonestPrime_Tee Big news and release day! You might remember last year’s release of the “Bipolar Tee” (HERE). I certainly do! This project, and its demand and sales, completely surpassed all my expectations and goals. Thanks to all of you, who purchased one of these tees, it was possible for this shirt to travel all over the world and make it countries like Japan, Italy, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Brazil, Spain, Mexico, South Africa, England… well, you get it. Well, today is a special day because I finally release a shirt that has been cooking for a while, that many friends and ‘customers’ have requested and that I think you will enjoy. Allow me to introduce you to this summer’s special and limited edition must-have… The Honest Prime tee. This shirt is the first release from my Le Clan Pompeux collection (HERE) and is available on all sizes for guys and girls. Interested in getting one? Check out the shirt and shopping details after the jump!
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Nov 12

Cyber Week Exclusive: The Bipolar Tee

TheeBlog-BipolarTee It’s been a while since I released my “Bipolar” wallpaper, and a couple of emails requesting t-shirts :) Well good news my awesome friends! Today I am taking advantage of Cyber Monday and releasing a set of limited edition (and quantity) “BIPOLAR” t-shirts just in time for the Holidays. These awesome tees are available for guys/girls and available on all sizes. Like it? Want it? Order one (or many) after the jump!
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Aug 12

Le Clan Pompeux – Wood Prints


As I had mentioned earlier this summer, I am planning on launching a new series of prints and tees available for purchase (thanks for your patience) and in preparation, I wanted to share my original post to serve as the clam and pleasant post, before the storm! :) Here you go… First of all, I want to thank you all for the great response, great comments and wonderful emails I’ve received. It only pushes me to work harder, improve and learn new things! Since my last identity project for Locos Por Juana (post here) , I noticed many of you, like me, enjoy seeing the whole process and work behind a finished project. So, today I want to share one of my latest adventures. Although this was a personal project/experiment at first, it has evolved into something bigger that I will soon share with you. Hope you enjoy it!
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Aug 12

Brand New Conference 2012 – Armin Q&A

TheeBlog-BrandNewConference2012_Q&A It is that time of year again! For the third consecutive year, UnderConsideration is hosting its great Brand New Conference. This year, the conference comes back to New York and it promises to be just like the previous two, AMAZING. As I am booking my flights and getting ready to travel to New York to attend the event, meet cool people, reunite with great friends, learn and get inspired I invited my friend and half-team behind this event, Armin Vit to chat about the preparations and how things are coming along. Check out this brief Q&A and if you have not registered to attend this conference yet, I strongly suggest you do! It is definitely one of the best conferences you can attend. And that is an official ‘Thee Blog‘ statement :)
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Aug 12

The making of ‘Hot Cakes’

TheeBlog-TheDarkness_HotCakes People usually ask what are the most important sources of inspiration and elements ‘creatives’ rely on when working on projects and I’ve always considered Music to be an essential tool. As a music lover I am stoked to share today’s post, featuring The Darkness, a british band that I’ve been a fan of since 2002, and their newest album called ‘Hot Cakes’. I had the great pleasure of chatting with Rob Chenery, Creative Director of London based agency TOURIST about the ‘making of’ the band’s provocative album cover. This one is a special Friday treat as we’ll enjoy some exclusive behind the scenes photos and the creative process behind this project. Happy Friday!
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