Aug 16

Tuesday Bassen vs ZARA

TheeBlog_TuesdayBassen-ZARA It is no secret that ZARA has seen its fare share of legal battles and accusations of stealing artists’ work, but this new case including LA artist Tuesday Bassen might make you cringe. To explain it briefly, Tuesday Bassen asked ZARA to stop stealing her artwork, and ZARA said “the lack of distinctiveness of your client’s purported designs makes it very hard to see how a significant part of the population anywhere in the world would associate the signs with Tuesday Bassen”. Then they stole her art five more times. Yup, crazy. Check out an interview and article about this case HERE Stay legit, peeps!

May 14

So, Shakira rips Woodkid

TheeBlog-Woodkid_Shakira Being that this World Cup’s song is not what everyone was expecting and has received a lot of criticism, Shakira decided she would step in again and save the day by releasing a song (remember Waka Waka) and a new video featuring a couple of iconic players like Neymar, Messi, and of course, Piqué. There’s only one little problem. The video is a cheap, blatant copy of Woodkid’s Iron music video – you know, that lovely music video we enjoyed a couple of years ago (HERE) . The copy is pretty obvious. From the way the set is arranged, to the elements, animals, effects and even camera shots. In fact, they’re shot in the same order! There’s no such things as “inspiration” when you pretty much recreate shot by shot another video and switch an owl with an eagle. And for those of you thinking I’m hating, I am sorry, but if there’s something I truly hate, is copies and unoriginal people cashing in on someone else’s work. So yes, I will call you out. I mean, it’s Shakira, did they really think nobody would notice???
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Oct 13

So, heard GoDaddy bought MediaTemple…

What else is there to say…

Sep 13

Vincent Connare talks Comic Sans

Although we all know its demonic reach and power, specially in the hands of ‘creative’ school and office administrators, Comic Sans keeps popping up every now and then. So much that I usually get asked by my students ‘who and why was it designed then’? Well, the Huffington Post decided to interview its creator, ex-Microsoft employee (see what I did there?) Vincent Connare and talk about its origin, uses and his defense… Oh, and also a couple of really dramatic ‘activists’ whose main goal in life is to ban this font… Check the interview here. - Thanks for the tip Ivan!

May 13

JC Penney apologizes

It’s no secret that many brands, in their desire to ‘modernize’ or to simply change their look because a new CEO thinks it’s the cool thing to do, have received the wrong type of attention and response from not only the press, but more importantly, consumers. Gap, UCLA, Pepsi, that Miami baseball team are just examples of re-brands gone wrong. But what to do when your plan backfires? Some play it off and blame their Marketing team, some ‘decide’ to undo things and go back to normal, and some, like JC Penney, go a little beyond… Their latest ad is an open apology and ‘let’s be friends again?’ letter to its customers. Well done. Admitting you have a problem is always the first step to a positive recovery. But, would this make JC Penney as a company or store any better? Doubt it.

Jan 13

The new American Airlines

TheeBlog-AmericanAirlines With so many tasteless and unsuccessful rebrands lately, I must admit I was a bit anxious yesterday when I read about American Airlines releasing a new look “very soon”. Not because I am a fan or a frequent AA flyer (I try to avoid it like I do Lindsay Lohan) but because deep down I knew this would not be good. You see, there’s this inexplicable obsession with shinny-3D bullshit going around, and unfortunately, it is devouring what’s left of those great iconic and legendary logos many generations grew up with. The new look features a new “evolved” icon more fitted for a small private jet company, and a few changes including new gradients, and as-american-as-you-can-get aircraft graphics.
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Oct 12

IE 9 Commercial (The Honest Version)

You might have seen Microsoft’s new Internet Explorer 9 ad spots on TV recently… yes, the ones with that annoying Alex Clare song. Now, we are all aware of how advertising works and how some companies sometimes may lie a little about the awesomeness of their products, but today I want to share a funny and true video I found this weekend showing the real IE9. Pretty damn accurate if you ask me!

Mar 11

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold


Morgan Spurlock, documentary filmmaker best known for the documentary film Super Size Me presents his new documentary film called ‘The Greatest Movie Ever Sold’ and it features the good, bad and ugly world of advertising. Now, based on this trailers, why are there so many ’suits’ at these meetings and pitches I ask…
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Feb 11

PETA’s banned ‘Veggie Love’


As you might know by now, PETA is an American animal rights organization. Over the past few years they have become notorious not only for exposing and fighting -sometimes a bit too much- big organizations and individuals that ‘exploit’ animals, but for their provocative and risqué advertising featuring nude celebrities. And for the past two years, they have launched ‘banned’ Super Bowl commercials, also known as ‘clever viral videos’ inciting viewers to ‘Go Veg’. So, why are these ads banned you ask? Because they use the oldest trick in the book, by ‘exploiting’ dumb humans and sex. It’s a vicious circle my friends…
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Oct 10


So…. it seems like horrible logos are becoming some sort of trend. THANK YOU GAP! Yesterday, I received a press release from DoubleTree Hotels announcing their new Identity. If you know me, you know I get excited every time I receive one of these or find it online and this time wasn’t the exception, specially since it’s a fairly big company and I loved their warm chocolate chip cookies when I was freezing my arse up in New York. But the excitement didn’t last much as I saw the NEW, MODERN, SOPHISTICATED and CONTEMPORARY Identity….
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Oct 10

It’s MySpace’s turn….


It seems that besides Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October has become the new “Awful Identity/ReBrand Month”. Just when you thought everything went back to normal as GAP ‘decided’ to go back to their classic logo shortly after being lynched online, MySpace (yes, that website 14 year old girls used back in the day) announced their new identity, which is aimed to help revive their brand and awesome site……. I’ll let that sink for a second….. Now you may laugh….
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Oct 10


There are bad logos and there are WTF logos! And the new GAP logo ( is definitely rising to the top. The typeface, the gradient/square…the…the… wow, it is hard to explain the many levels of wtfness! I have not been able to find out more information on it yet, I mean, would you blame the ‘creators’ of this thing for hiding? But I am sure we will get more info soon. Now, please excuse me, I have to go rinse my mouth…
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