Feb 15

Straight Outta Compton!

TheeBlog_NWA With all the ignorance and stupidity regarding music coming out of Twitter - yes, I’m talking about the people who have no idea who Paul McCartney, Missy Elliot or Beck are - I thought it is important to share this upcoming movie I just stumbled upon this week, you know, before someone thinks Dr. Dre is trying to be the new Pharell. What’s the movie you ask? Well, it’s the story about the roots and rise of N.W.A. I know!!! Check out the great trailer after the jump!
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Dec 14


I’m going to be honest. I’m as excited as Drama after getting a casting call. The Entourage movie trailer is finally out and I had to share it. Oh, and for the record, it does not matter if the movie is great or if it sucks, I’ll be there. Bring on the Ari Gold-ness!

Aug 14

Urban Isolation

TheeBlog_UrbanIsolation Whether you have heard about it, or you have experienced it, LA’s infamous traffic is iconic as the city itself. Now, imagine a desolate LA where skaters can freely roam… That’s exactly what Russell Houghten did, and the results are stunning! Russell collaborated with RED and The Berrics, to create a brilliant skateboarding video and lovely prints that are being sold, with all proceeds being donated to LA county animal shelters.
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Mar 13

Good Day CA. Again.

TheeBlog-GoodDayCA Since I am, and will be in LA for the rest of the week, I wanted to share again a beautiful project I shared a while back but that came to mind as I drove past great signs and Design around town. So, without further ado, enjoy these fantastic posters… When was your last road trip? Whether it is with friends or family, we all enjoy the freedom, sense of adventure and discovery road trips provide. So, what could make a road trip even better? How about some great illustrated postcards like the ones Braden Wise, a Los Angeles based Designer & Illustrator created to document his cross-country move to California. Good Day CA is a visual memoir of this trip and combines beautiful illustration, typography and Braden’s personal experiences.
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Feb 13


TheeBlog_LosAngeles It’s been a little slow here lately and I promised I would explain it all. By the way, thank you for your emails and for checking in, it really means a lot to know that you guys enjoy this blog and that it has become part of your daily life :) So, here’s the deal… 2013 started with a bang for me as an unexpected and great challenge that would change my life knocked on my door. After much consideration, conversations with my family, research and the love and invaluable support of my amazing wife, we decided to take on this challenge and head over to the West Coast – Los Angeles. Yes, I am sad to leave Miami, specially my great family! :( but, I am also excited and looking forward to a new adventure and being part of an amazing company that I’ve always been a fan of, and that has not only made everything easy for my family but also made me feel like I’m part of their family already :) But don’t worry, things will continue to run smoothly here as I slowly make the transition and settle before the summer… Thanks to everyone that has been supportive and continuosly checking up, I promise bigger and better things are coming!
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