Jan 17

Behind the Stranger Things Title

if you, like many others, are hooked on Netflix’s Stranger Things, you’ll agree with me that besides the show’s great storyline and superb production, its 80s themed opening titles are refreshingly engaging thanks to the perfect combination of nostalgia – think Stephen King, Spielberg, John Carpenter, John Hughes, and a powerful, eerie synthesized track. If you’ve ever wondered who worked on the design or how it came to be, here’s a brief look into the process behind this beauty.
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Dec 16

Lexus LIT IS

If you are in that Holiday, Clark Griswold spirit and already finished decorating your house with thousands of bulbs you’re going to love this idea by Lexus. The Lexus LIT IS is equipped with 41,999 LED lights, programmed with dynamic designs, and able to react to music and movement. Imagine driving down the street with a fully illuminated car, blasting Bing Crosby. If that doesn’t say Christmas spirit, what does!?

Sep 16

The Making of Movie Titles

By now, I am sure you’ve witnessed the coverage and hype around the titles for Stranger Things. Movie Titles have always played a significant role in films, depicting the genre, mood and sometimes quality of the product. In this great mini-documentary, title designer Dan Perri explains how he designed movie titles for films such as “Star Wars,” “The Exorcist,” and “Raging Bull.” Enjoy!

Feb 16

Rihanna + Drake + Design

By now, I am sure you’ve heard Rihanna’s new song “WORK” or seen her new video featuring Drake. BUT, what I had not seen and what I wanted to share today is their recent performance at The Brit Awards, mainly for the lovely use of design + projection used to complement the performance. In a world when sometimes more is more, it is very refreshing and inspiring to see how simplicity and good design can also work to create beautiful sets and impactful shows.

Jan 16

Nike Flyknit Projection Mapping

Berlin played host to the global launch of the Nike Flyknit Lunar2, the latest running shoe innovation from Nike. 100 international guests were treated to a Flyknit experience that included exclusive tours of the new Nike store, bespoke fittings, a thrilling 4D projection mapping show on the Europa Centre, a run through Berlin led by four-time Olympic gold medalist Allyson Felix – all culminating with an intimate after party at the top of the Europa Centre.
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Jan 16

Space Odity

This is an oldie, but I felt today was a perfect day to not only share this lovely work, but to also celebrate the life and music of one of music’s biggest icons, David Bowie… Canadian Illustrator Andrew Kolb created a beautiful self-promotion book inspired and based on the lyrics of David Bowie’s classic ‘Space Oddity’ and posted it online, for the world to enjoy and share. Take a look and enjoy one of the thousand pieces of work David Bowie inspired during his lifetime.
Rest in Peace :(
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Nov 15

Le Petit Chef

I love to see how projection has grown and expanded to different mediums and different methods. The range keeps increasing, and that is a good and fun thing. Le Petit Chef is a cool project by SkullMaping scaled down to be featured on a table and narrate a story by combining 3D animation and motion capture. Bon appétit!

Nov 15

Infinity Room

Infinity’ is an immersive environment project by Refik Anadol. Project is an integral part of artist’s ongoing ‘Temporary Immersive Environment Experiments’ which is a research on audio/visual installations by using the state called immersion which is the state of consciousness where an immersant’s awareness of physical self is transformed by being surrounded in an engrossing environment; often artificial, creating a perception of presence in a non-physical world.

Oct 15

Back to the Real Future

Because you already know I am a big Back to the Future geek and because October 21 is approaching, here’s another BTTF post :) The guys at College Humor released an animated version of the film with a small twist – replacing the cool and advanced future we saw in the movie, with a more accurate version of what really happens in 2015. Enjoy!

Sep 15

MTV Video Music Awards 2015

Let’s face it, MTV Award Shows are not what they used to be. And although the quality of artists or celebrities might be at an all time low thanks to Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian and company, the thing has remained interesting through the years is the quality of branding, animation and design produced for the shows. This year’s eclectic branding was handled again by the awesome guys at Elastic and the results were all over the place, but in a good way. Check out this crazy video and enjoy the controlled chaos.

Sep 15

Heart Racing by Lexus

A very special car. Built with one purpose, to show how thrilling it is to drive a Lexus RC F. Three professional drivers were connected to the powerful 5.0L V8 RC F through unique biometric paintwork that displayed their heart beat. A test track inspired from the heart of Japanese Motorsport was created. Then raced, at night. Check out the test, the race, and how Lexus was able to give their cars a heartbeat. Continue reading…;

Aug 15

The Exquisite Corpse Project 2

The Exquisite Corpse Project 2 is a motion graphics piece directed by Michael Waldron and created by a group of artists from around the world. It debuted at this years Motion Conference in Santa Fe. The idea was to create a piece of art that you share with another artist. That artist has to figure out how to seamlessly transition into their piece and then they hand off their work to another artist. This repeats until the final animation is complete.

Jul 15

Hypnotic Gifs by Florian de Looij

There’s something special about animated GIFs, specially when they’re as intricate and hypnotic as these, created by Netherlands based Designer Florian de Looij. I personally, was never a big fan of Geometry - who is? but it is good to know that geometry, shapes, curves and lines can be used for a good and valuable purpose instead of booooring construction, engineering, etc. I know, I know… :)
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Jun 15

True Detective Season 2 Titles


You may remember my post about HBO’s True Detective titles last year, and how much we all loved them. Patrick Clair took double exposure to a great level, created something mysterious and hypnotizing. Well, season 2 of the show is here and he’s done it again. Using different tones and moods, but following the same style, True Detective’s lovely titles deserve recognition – because face it, a show intro titles can sometimes be as good as the episode itself. Enjoy the video after the jump!
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May 15

Conan + Kinetic Typography

I’ve always believed that there is something magical about Typography in motion. Kinetic typography, if you want to get technical. Being able to combine letters and movement is not an easy task, but when done right, the results are very well worth all those strenuous rendering hours. This lovely kinetic type video by Jacob Gilbreath features Conan O’Brien’s farewell speech during his last episode as host of The Tonight Show. Yes, the speech is great, but the type motion, inspired by Lou Dorfman’s iconic Gastrotypographicalassemblage, steals the show…

Apr 15

9 Squares

TheeBlog_9Squares I am a sucker for collaboration projects, and this one, started by Al Boardman, Skip Dolphin Hursh and David Stanfield, is as hypnotizing and cool as it gets. 9 squares is a fun project where 9 different designer/animators collaborate, animating an abstract, 350px, 3 second animated square to make up a single GIF loop, from a 4-colour palette. I know, it may sound a little confusing, but the results are great!
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Mar 15

The Mill 2015 Motion Reel

There are so many great agencies out there constantly raising the bar and producing beautiful work. The Mill is definitely one of them. Their impressive work has become a constant source of inspiration and influence for agencies and creatives around the world – and their annual demo reels, in my opinion, are some of the best in the business. So, today I want to share their latest motion reel, full of eye candy and gems like titles for OFFF, MTV, D&AD, Nike, Call of Duty, Gatorade, BBC, and Cannes to name a very few. Enjoy!

Mar 15


As most of you probably know already, the award for best animated short film during this year’s Oscars deservedly went to Disney’s FEAST, directed by Patrick Osborne. Now, for those of you who don’t have any kids and didn’t catch it in theaters (it launched along Big Hero 6), FEAST is the story of one man’s life seen through the eyes of his dog, Winston, and revealed bite by bite through the meals they share. Whether you love dogs or not, I guarantee you this short will make you smile and make your day a lot better. If you want to learn more, check out a great interview with Director Patrick Osborne after the jump! – Disney keeps killing video links, so let’s just watch the interview for now…

Feb 15

FITC Tokyo 2015. Chaos & Control.

TheeBlog_FITCtokyo Branding a conference is always a tough task. But branding a creative conference is a monumental task. Not only because you’ll have thousands of designers analyzing and disecting each piece – for good or bad – but because the concept and execution bar has been set really, really high. FITC is one of the few conferences that constantly delivers beautiful concepts through collaborations with great artists around the world, and as usual, they have outdone themselves this year with the release of the new FITC Tokyo conference branding. But as if the beautiful design was not enough, the recently launched opening titles, created by a team of superstars including Ash Thorp, Andrew Hawryluk, Michael Rigley, Albert Omoss, Chris Bjerre, Alasdair Willson, Nicolas Girard, Franck Deron – Yup, talk about a badass dream team – is one that will make you feel warm inside, fall in love even more with type+animation, and make you want to book your trip to Tokyo. Motiongrapher interviewed these great artists about their experience and online collaboration, and here are some of my favorite excerpts.
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Feb 15

Outdo You in 2015

If you watched the Super Bowl last night, you watched many commercials (perhaps this is the only time you actually watch commercials instead of fast forwarding through them on your DVR) and yes, there were many good ones and many ridiculous ones. And although every site is talking about them or replaying the top 5, I wanted to share a beautiful ad spot I recently found. This new Nike+ spot, created by the talented folks at AKQA, features the amazing work of Matthieu Bessudo, aka mcbess and aims to inspire and motivate us to take on new challenges in 2015 and… outdo ourselves.

Jan 15

Man Seeking Woman

We all have favorite TV shows, and as a visual type of guy, I know I am not alone when I say that we would always pay extra attention to the opening titles, animation, music, etc. Don’t believe me? Just play “I’ll be there for you” by The Rembrandts, and everyone around you will be dropping FRIENDS’ quotes within minutes. FXX’s new show, “Man Seeking Woman” recently dropped beautiful, different and interesting opening titles based on minimalist line illustrations that you have to check out. I mean, this is great news for TV – More Design is always good! In the sequence, symbols of ordinary dating life mix with over-the-top, genre-spanning imagery, reflecting the unique narrative device used in the series.

Dec 14

Welcome to AirBnB

TheeBlog_AirBnB_Ad ‘Welcome to Airbnb’, is a lovely ad spot created by TWBA Singapore that takes the user on an exciting train journey through amazing landscapes, and cozy apartments, all wonderfully created by hand! As you board the train in this film, you’re transported into a magical world that represents the very heart of Airbnb. As you wind your way through some of the amazing listings Airbnb has to offer, you get a different perspective on the world. With each viewing, you see something unique and interesting that you didn’t notice before, mirroring the experience that many people have when they travel with Airbnb.
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Nov 14

TheeBlog Q&A Sessions: Raul Alejandro

TheeBlog_RaulAlejandro-Draw_ul It is no secret that I am a huge Type and Lettering geek. And as such, I make a point to always follow or connect with artists I admire and whose work continually inspire me. Raul Alejandro, also known as Draw_ul online is one of these artists, and since I’ve known him for a while, I invited him for a fun interview I want to share today. I’ve been connected with Raul via Instagram for a couple of years, and we’ve always exchanged messages or emails about his work, inspiration, and this interview as I’ve always wanted to share his work, his story and his impressive evolution as a lettering artist. If you are a Type geek like us, and even if you’re not, I am sure you will enjoy this interview and fall in love with his work. Enjoy!
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Oct 14

Vanapalooza: An Animated History Of The Van

You know the story, it all started with two competitive Germans and lots of beer… But in case you didn’t, here’s a lovely animated video by the talented folks at Cub Studio and Pluto, featuring America’s boxy hero, the Van. The van is an integral part of life and society as it helps us build cities, deliver goods, transport people, tailgate, build shack stations, and yes, make babies :)

Sep 14

Where Are They Now?

TheeBlog-WhereAreTheyNow Have you ever caught yourself telling younger friends or even your own kids “Cartoons used to be a lot better back in the day…” Well, if you have, you are absolutely right! I mean, have you seen the crap that’s on TV nowadays? But fame and ratings don’t last forever, and sometimes, even cartoon characters find life outside the limelight difficult. Steve Cutts is a London based illustrator and animator, whose recent video-story ‘Where Are They Now’ shares the current struggles of many familiar 80s and 90s characters. Yet, Kim Kardashian is on every channel…
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