Oct 15

Pepsi Perfect

TheeBlog-PepsiPerfect If you are a Back to the Future geek like me, then you know October 21 is a pretty big deal (If you don’t know why, you’re not as hardcore as you think) But for the new kids and those who are not familiar, let me explain. October 21, 2015 is the date when Marty and Doc travel to the future. Remember those future scenes with hover boards, AR movie posters, flaying cars… Seemed like an awesome time right? Well, it’s the year 2015 and we have Donald Trump running for President. Yeah, let that sink in… To join the BTTF celebration, Pepsi is releasing a limited edition Pepsi Perfect bottle – just like the one featured in the movie. There are only a few hundred produced so be sure you get yours. Now, if we can only get dehydrated pizza from Pizza Hut…
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Mar 15

Target 2015 Campaign

TheeBlog_Target2015Campaign When it comes to good branding, Target is one of the few companies that continuously delivers quality work and constantly raises the bar by exploring and juicing their iconic logo. Today I want to share Target’s new branding campaign for 2015, courtesy of the very, very talented – and TheeBlog veteranAllan Peters (HERE) Check out this great new branding rollout and some of my favorite photos after the jump.
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Jan 13

A new look for 7-Eleven

TheeBlog-New711 Last week we witnessed the first large – and very questioned – corporation rebrand of 2013 courtesy of American Airlines (HERE). Today, we have another iconic american (Texas originated) corporation rebrand – well, it is actually more of a semi-rebrand as it only applies to the European (Swedish) market. 7-Eleven collaborated with Swedish Design agency BVD to rebrand the company’s coffee concept for its Swedish market. The result, a very modern/retro new look, emphasizing the brand’s colors (I’ve never been a fan of that green and orange) and merging them with contrasting geometric elements, creating a clean and effective solution. With a 70s twist.
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Aug 12

The lovely work of Jean-Charles Desevre

TheeBlog-JeanCHarlesDesevre Ever since I was a handsome little boy, I have had this profound admiration and curiosity for beautiful, detailed crests and luxury labels. I would spend a significant amount of time studying -and attempting to re-create them- and I am glad that admiration and love for these beauties has not faded over the years. In fact, as I became a Design professional and part-time internet/inspiration surfer, I’ve learned to enjoy them even more, as well as the amazingly talented artists that create them. Today, I want to introduce you to the lovely work of French Graphic Artist Jean-Charles Desevre. I recently discovered Jean-Charles’ work and I must say it was love at first sight. His impressive talent as well as his impeccable and detailed illustrations, labels and logos inspired me and I am sure will inspire you too…
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Jun 12

THEE BLOG Q&A Sessions: Christian Helms

TheeBlog-ChristianHelms There are a few contemporary Designers who I can easily name as sources for inspiration, admiration and that have helped me directly or indirectly to become a better professional. Christian Helms is definitely one of them. I had the great pleasure of meeting Christian two years ago at a the 2010 Brand New Conference. Now, I must be honest and say that I was not too familiar with him and his work until that day, but after enjoying (and drooling over) his presentation and chatting for a while realizing how awesomely cool and down to earth he is, I became an instant fan whose been following his work closely ever since. I had mentioned to Christian that I would bother him someday for an interview to chat about his background, career and work… and well, that day finally came and I am extremely happy to share this amazingly inspiring interview with you today!
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Mar 12

Thank you again IADT!

TheeBlog-IADT Last night I had the pleasure of presenting my work and share some of my experiences throughout the years in this business with an amazing group of students at IADT. So, I wanted to begin my day by thanking all of you who attended class last night (and all your wonderful feedback, comments and messages) the awesome professor, Mr. Trutt and IADT for inviting me again as a Guest Speaker and letting me do my thing :) Thank you!

May 11

The Pitch: The Game of Graphic Design


We all love board games, specially when they bring out the worst, I mean competitive spirit within us… or mom. Fatimah Kabba, a NY based designer and recent graduate from the School of Visual Arts launched a KickStarter campaign to bring the cut-throat business of ‘pitching’ to our homes through a new board game called The Pitch: The Game of Graphic Design. Check out some photos, rules and story behind this project after the jump.
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Apr 11



Happy Monday! And what better way to begin this week than with some inspiration from the great guys at House Industries! This beautiful trailer showcases House’s many products and enviable skills, ranging from typography, to print and packaging. Check it out, get inspired and have a great week!
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Feb 11

Daft Punk + Coca Cola

Coca Cola announced a new upcoming line of products in collaboration with Daft Punk. The official announcement and commercial launch is planned for 03/04/2011…

Jan 11

Ron de Jeremy

Perhaps you are familiar with the name Ron Jeremy. I have heard he’s some sort of iconic figure in the adult film industry. I’ve heard… But I’m not going to talk about his numerous films and skills, instead, I wanted to share his newest venture. Ron de Jeremy Rum!
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