Jun 10

So what can an iPhone4 do? THIS!

The new iPhone4 is finally being delivered and picked up from Apple stores everywhere. And no, I don’t and won’t get one until AT&T is out of the picture (disclaimer, I do own an iPhone, just a bit modified, and love it!) but I’ve heard numerous comments about it… pros, cons and even though a few buddies already own it and I’ve been able to play with it, today I finally found a real example of what this bad boy can really do!
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Jun 10

Viva Calaca!

┬íViva Calaca! is an animation project created by the art director and designer Ritxi Ost├íriz, and based on the Mexican Day of the Dead celebration. Dia de los Muertos, to keep it real. It is a personal fun project intended to entertain and be shared… so enjoy it and share away!
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Jun 10

The Two Escobars. Miami Screening.

I have received numerous emails and comments about ESPN’s film The Two Escobars since my last post (here) and tonight, there is an official film screening here in Miami! Although I believe it is a free event, I was able to secure my name plus few on the guest list thanks to ESPN. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it but if you are interested in attending, contact me and I’ll be happy to provide the details!
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Jun 10

I scored a goal in the World Cup Final. Not me..

ESPN is at it again. And this time, it brings us some nice short documentaries featuring players who have scored goals in different World Cup Finals. Also, thank you for all the emails guys! and yes, I am still posting design and photography related material, it’s just that Christmas, to me, comes every four years ;)
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Apr 10

TheeBlog Q&A Sessions: Danann Breathnach


Last week, I posted BLAME’s new music video directed by Danann Breathnach and I received a couple of emails asking me about it. As a fan of his vision and work, I decided to contact him again to chat about the video, his background, work and future plans. Hope you enjoy this brief interview that kick starts TheeBlog’s Q&A Sessions and stay tuned for more to come!
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Mar 10

Friday Treat – Danann Breathnach


Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting an amazing London based Director with a great eye, creative style and beautiful work. And today, I am happy to share with you his latest, just released music video for Blame’s, ‘On My Own’ which has just been added to MTV, Kiss TV & The Box playlists and will be available on iTunes April 25th. It is refreshing to watch well done videos with some depth and story, call me old fashioned, but shooting two scenes/sets and repeating them randomly for 3 minutes usually ends up loosing me.
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Oct 09

Here we go again…

Yup! Another end-of-the-world movie. Trailer has been up for a while as you might know, but these new scenes were recently released. Watch the trailer… Continue reading…;