Feb 17

Jason Markk does Infomercials

If you are tired or don’t have time to clean your sneakers (hey! it’s a real thing) and a fan of daytime infomercials, then Jason Markk has something for you. Located in the Little Tokyo district of Los Angeles, the Jason Markk Flagship Store is a concept space which is “The world’s first drop-off shoe care service” and retail boutique that was opened up back in May of 2014.

Dec 15

Copa Basel 2015


If you are into art, sneakers, and soccer, you’re going to love this post! My cool friends at Kicks To The Pitch, in collaboration with a couple of sponsors including the MLS are hosting a great event this Sunday. The event, called Copa Basel combines art, soccer, sneakers, and a variety of cool things to do, drink and see. Unfortunately this year will be the first I miss Art Basel because I am out of town, but if you are in Miami, make sure you stop by! Thanks again for the invite Marcus and congrats on such a fun event!
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Dec 15

Sneakerheadz. The Documentary.

TheeBlog_Sneakerheadz You know that saying “You can always judge a man by his shoes”? Well, it is true. Shoes have the power to represent who we are or how we feel. And although that saying was probably meant for men rocking brogues or double monk-straps, now you can tell a lot about people by their sneakers. You can say I am a humble collector based on the pairs of NIKE sneakers I own, and yes, I admit I’ve gone out of my way and perhaps spent good money on special sneakers, but I’m not even close to the level of dedication and serious money sneakerheads are willing to invest. What once sounded “crazy” is now a lifestyle. A very lucrative and passionate lifestyle…
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