Apr 15

The Hoff is Back!

I know some of you might be too young to remember or understand the magic that is David Hasselhoff, so I’ll just say this, he’s kind of a big deal – In Germany mostly. So, if you’re launching a web-backed Kung Fu film and need a track, an 80s track, to make it pop, The Hoff is your man! Check out this amazing video and get a little taste of Kung Fury.

Apr 15

ANT-MAN Trailer

Let’s be honest. How many of you knew Ant-Man was a real Marvel super hero? I know… But, I am sure everyone will know and love Ant-Man after the movie drops this summer. I personally love the casting of Paul Rudd for the role and can’t wait to watch it. But you don’t want to read, you want to watch the trailer. Enjoy.