Feb 16


Who said the Star Wars hype was already over? Written and directed by Joe Sill, KARA is a lovely short fan film set in the Star Wars universe. If you are an old school Star Wars geek, or if you recently discovered the force and are already hooked, you’ll definitely enjoy this film!

Nov 15

Captain America. Civil War.

Because we all love geeky MARVEL movies, and you might need some entertainment at work if half your office is out today :) Enjoy!

Jul 15

Chuck Taylor II – Evolution of a classic

TheeBlog_ChuckII Chances are, most of us own – or did at least once – a pair of classic Chuck Taylors. And if you think about it, the model never changed. Yes, there were different colors, special editions and collaborations, but the shoe was always the same. Well, after 90 long years, Converse is releasing the new and improved Chuck Taylor All Star II. And although this limited edition is already sold out, expect to see this new model available in stores soon…
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Aug 14

Fifty Shades of Frozen

By now, you have probably seen the trailer for the infamous Fifty Shades movie, scheduled to release next year. And chances are, you might end up watching it too (That’s what good husbands and boyfriends do). Well, today I want to share a different version of this trailer, a Disney version to be more precise. This new trailer created by Tranceart Violeta is composed of various cleverly edited scenes from Frozen. Not much more to say…

Feb 14

Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer

In case you haven’t seen it yet…

Jan 14


Have you ever wondered what would classic paintings look like if they were ‘alive’ or if you could experience more than just a static image? Italian artist Rino Stefano Tagliafierro recently launched an animated short film called BEAUTY, featuring numerous famous masterpieces in a way you’ve never seen before. Check out the impressive video!

Jul 13

Anchorman 2 Trailer

The new Anchorman trailer is finally out and I know you are as excited as I am. Go fuc… Stay classy.

Jan 13


TheeBlog-Pinokio Remember the sweet and fun Pixar lamp? As a kid, I always wanted one – OK, I still would love one! – and wondered if it would ever make it to production and shelves… Well, today I want to introduce PINOKIO, an impressive and friendly robot-lamp created by Adam Ben-Dror, Shanshan Zhou and Joss Dogget, three Victoria University of Wellington students who combined talents to bring an everyday object, a lamp, to life. Check out the impressive video and some ‘making of’ specs after the jump!
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Dec 12

Watercolor + Architecture

TheeBlog-MajaWronska Well, we all survived Basel :) And even though Art Basel Miami is starting to get a little… repetitive (Yes, I said it!) with neon signs, dripping paint and obscene paintings, you could still find amazing work that would not only hypnotize you but make you think and question everything. While browsing the web this past weekend, I found the stunning work of a Polish artists named Maja WroĊ„ska that did just that for me. Maja’s work combines impressive detailed architectural drawings with beautiful colors and an enviable watercolor technique. Check out some of my favorite pieces and visit her DeviantART portfolio for more…
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Nov 12

An Ode to Creative Work

Behance recently released a GREAT mini film about the opportunity, hardship and responsibility of creative work. And all I can say after watching is… Fuck Yeah! Well done, as laways, Behance :)

Sep 11

Sara Blake for Idealog

NZ based Idealog interviewed our super cool buddy Sara Blake/ZSO! Check out this interesting and fun video :)

Dec 10

Off the wall 4D!


Forget Static billboards and 3d TVs… allow me to introduce you to some of the craziest interactive 3D or 4D video installations around the world. These are not typical billboards or projections on a 3D screen… these visual treats are projected on walls, buildings and pretty much any structure you can imagine. Major brands like Ralph Lauren, H&M, Samsung and BMW have started to use them around the world delighting and engaging consumers. You must watch these videos!
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Jul 10


Ever wondered how sweet and easy it would be to have your own custom magazine? Imagine a magazine filled with content you do care about and want to read… or, content that your buddies think might interest you? How nice it would be to not have to skip over 4 pages to find articles or skip over friends’ status you really don’t care about. (Admit it, we all do it…) Well, if you own an iPad, Flipboard might be close to fulfilling your techy-fantasies.
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Nov 09

Real men drive Vespas

You know what they say about men in pink, nice haircuts, dolphins, The Prius, Vespas, etc… Well, Boston based Marvell Lahens decided to put those rumors to rest with this new Vespa campaign. Oh! and for the record, no, I don’t own a Vespa.
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Sep 09

Carlos Serrao

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Aug 09

Scan this!

Who said print is dead?? Advertising is taking yet another turn towards interactive and multimedia with interactive print ads. Yes, sounds a bit marketing-ish but truth is, these new ads including a 2D scan code have been appearing more and more in magazines, newspapers, and even outdoor media. How does it work? Simple, download a scanner application for your mobile phone, snap a photo of the printed 2d scan square, scan it and you’ll be directed to a page the advertiser has made just for you. Continue reading…;