Sep 12

Ragú shreds the envelope

TheeBlog-Ragu We all tend to take pride in stating we are open-minded and that we appreciate witty out-of-the-box ads and commercials that push the envelope. But what happens when products, specially those we are familiar with and consider ’safe’, decide to completely shred and incinerate said envelope and simply go rogue? Yes, things might get a tad uncomfortable and result in thousands of angry letters but to be honest, the amount of exposure, traffic and ’social buzz’ generated – whether good, bad or WTF, easily overweigh all these concerned letters and criticism. Which brings me to Ragu’s (yes, the pasta sauce) latest ad spots featuring some not-so-expected situations and experiences including dead hamsters, face licking and parents’ sex. Yup.
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Apr 12

I guess it was my turn…

TheeBlog-Fuckit You know how people always say that imitation is the biggest form of flattery… bullshit. Last night, thanks to an email from an awesome reader in Australia, I found some douchebags called Roar With Us using some of my ‘just for fun’ personal lettering/type exercises on their portfolio and what’s even worse, attempting to sell it on threadless. While I know copying and stealing work online will probably never stop, I feel like I have to do my part and expose hacks like these. Check out some photos after the jump. Oh! and sorry for the early week rant :)
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Sep 11

Not so Delicious anymore


Let me begin by stating I am a strong believer and advocate of change, and I adapt easily to it. (Yes, even the new Facebook features) But when a company like Delicious decides to ‘update’ and delete most of its users content, to introduce absurd features overriding my folders and months of work, we got a problem. I am hoping this was a mistake and that my material has not been lost in a black marketing and greed hole. If you’re experiencing problems with your Delicious please let them know, or let me know how to fix my issue? For now, I sent a few emails… let’s see if we get some help. Are there any other sites you guys use or recommend?

Aug 11

The Future is in the Past

There are films like Helvetica and Objectified. There are also Adobe features and design documentaries. And then, there’s this! A Microsoft Paint documentary reminding us that… ‘The Future is in the Past’